Achieving Sales and Marketing Alignment

I recently had the chance to share my passion for Sales and Marketing Alignment at Ignite Chicago. It was a great opportunity to talk about what I feel is a significant issue in the B2B (business-to-business) world. My talk focused on the key reason that this relationship is sometimes toxic and often combative - misalignment of goals/incentives. I urge sales and marketing leaders to work toward creating "Togetherness". [Tweet "Leaders must create "Togetherness" to achieve Sales and Marketing Alignment"]

I also talked about the 3 key strategies that I feel are necessary for any organization to transform to are more aligned business that is focused on generating revenue:

  • Taking a System Approach instead of a Functional one
  • Establishing a formal Feedback Loop platform
  • Focusing on Shared Goals with the central metric being revenue attainment

Take a look and learn more about why I am so enthusiastic about the possibilities for Sales and Marketing Alignment.